Our History

Beecher Hill was built from 1909 – 1913 by Sam P. Beecher as a testament to his vision….

The Beecher Hill House was built by Samuel P. Beecher. Born in Kansas in 1873, Sam came to the Wenatchee Valley in 1894. He worked for a time as a stonemason and subsequently planted the first sizeable orchard in the Upper Valley, shipping the first carload of apples out of Peshastin in 1902.

Mr. Beecher was a man of many interests and accomplishments. He attempted an ascent of Mt. McKinley in 1906, engineered some of the first irrigation systems in the Valley and was a skilled artist and sculptor.

Beecher Hill House was built during the period of 1909 to 1913 as a testament to Sam’s vision. Electricity was not yet available but the house was wired for power and an acetylene plant installed. The finest hardwoods, stonework and advanced features made the house an early landmark.

Mr. Beecher’s attention to detail and artistic eye extended to the formal grounds. The Grotto on the north edge of the property was designed to replicate the Snow Lakes and the Enchantment Basin. Sam built the first wooden flume to carry water from the Snow Lakes to the Upper Valley. The high lakes, Hart and Nada, were named for Sam’s early business partner and housekeeper’s daughter, respectively, and are replicated in the Grotto’s design. Sam’s sculpture of Nada still presides over the terraced gardens.

In it’s hey-day, Beecher Hill hosted many notable visitors. Sam’s acquaintances reflected his varied interests.

Queen Marie of Romania was a frequent visitor in the 1920’s as were Sam Hill, Wiley Post and Howard Hughes.

In 1939, a lawsuit was initiated by the Leavenworth State Bank over the disputed collection of outstanding loans. Sam’s confidence in his innocence led him to act as his own attorney, battling for twelve years and culminating in a Supreme Court decision. Unfortunately, Sam was not successful in his defense and lost the property in the early 1950’s. Sam died in September of 1957.

Beecher Hill has welcomed only five owners over a century.

• The Beechers 1910-1950’s

• The McCoys 1958-1988

• The Hensleys 1988-2001

• The Garzas 2001-2017

• Currently the Millers 2017+